Project Manager/Horticulturist

Project Manager/Horticulturist

Project Manager/Horticulturist

Make recommendations regarding fertilization and pesticide applications. Columbine is a garden design and maintenance company servicing the NYC metropolitan…

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Eating to Live or Live to Eating, what is your slogan for existence? Or otherwise can you ask a simple question to yourself: are you eating or living just for survival?

How will you react to a given situation, when you are told that you are eating dozens of pesticides each day or have you adjusted your body for intake of residue pesticides? Please be really careful while consuming non-organic celery as indirectly you are eating number of pesticides without being actually known.

Information published as per the EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides notifies 12 eatables which are contaminated by use of pesticides along with 15 other varieties of eatables which are healthy for the body. For year 2010 celery is declared as dead eatable as per EWG report / research this was on 4th position as contaminated eatable last year.

Environmental Working Group (EWG) a non-profit organization running to create awareness towards health by involving health researches. Per year EWG produces more than 1, 20,000 pesticide reports, articles from USDA and FDA which lists fruits and vegetables which contains the highest to lowest amounts of chemicals depicting a real scenario for healthy living. Healthy information is available accessible to all in an electronic form for creating awareness ensuring every country and city has handful of valuable health.

Single page document is available on the website for choice of healthy living as user guide for your shopping list. So you can ensure in future to buy organic produced supplies then to choose “Dirty Dozen”. Choice is yours: whether you are wishing to add to yourself and your family variety of chemical supplies, health or nothing.

However, while making choices for purchasing perishable foods try for quick move towards organic produce maybe you can start with limited package. Advice is better to purchase organic items instead of adding “Dirty Dozen” to life otherwise rest 15 items can be good option for healthy living being away from dozens of pesticides.

Nevertheless by kicking the 12 majorly contaminated items from diet direct intake of pesticides will be reduced to nearly 80-90% and by following EWG report you switch over to 15 other eatables which are organically grown. Next time remember to ensure for buying only organic eatables while planning your kitchens grocery even asking vendors, discussing on organic items can give you a better framework.

Eating less but easting healthy should be the slogan. So buying organic should be your first choice but this can be little expensive to your kitchen’s budget or else shift to 15 less contaminated items as per EWG recommendation which being organic have less pesticides rate.

While government always claims that the low pesticides consumption doesn’t harms your health whereas if we take a glance at the surveys / reports conducted on the digestion of pesticides in human bodies the contrary fact states that the smaller intake of pesticides on regular basis can weaken our immune system leading to severe health problems as cancer symptoms, hyperactivity, mild body disorders during the early ages.

Lastly, we cannot ignore the hard-heart reality that small scale organic farming’s are difficult as result of lots of paperwork and payment structure involved by way of government intervention for certifying organic farming which is also a sustainability issue for little farmers.

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Simple Tips To Help You Get The Weight Off
It does not matter how much weight you need to lose. The fundamentals remain the same - you need to use up more calories than you consume. Between diet and exercise, regular weight loss can be easily achieved and here are some helpful ideas to get you started in the right direction. That is the scales moving downwards.
Don't take too much time in between meals. Instead, eat more frequently, but don't eat more than 3/4 full per meal. Doing this can help you to avoid overeating, and control your portions. Also, eating more frequently can lead to healthier eating habits. For example, chewing thoroughly instead of swallowing it down, will help you to actually enjoy your meals.
Steaming foods that you would ordinarily bake or fry is a great way to decrease the fat content in your food. Steaming food will cook it without adding butter or any other unhealthy supplement. Choose fresh foods with lots of flavor,that way steaming or grilling can be a great way to cook your meals without adding fat.
A great way to lose weight is to prepare your meals the night before. When you prepare your meals the night before, you won't have to rush to get to work or wherever you're going and you'll always guarantee yourself to have something healthy to eat when you're hungry.
A helpful tip to lose weight is to learn how to cook your own meals. If you don't know how to cook, you're more likely to resort to eating fast food and you're not likely to get proper nutrition. Learning to cook basic meals for yourself is very important.
It's a well known fact that drinking water can help you shed pounds. Have you also heard that drinking chilled water causes your metabolic rate to increase? When you drink a glass of ice water, your body is forced to raise your body's temperature, which also raises your metabolism.
Having a workout partner can help remaining committed on your weight-loss plan easier. A person who shares similar weight loss goals with exercise and diet can be a very strong motivational tool. Together, you will find it easier to stick with the program during times when you might otherwise give up.
A good way to help you lose weight is to avoid getting coffee and related drinks at cafes. Most of us aren't aware of it, but these drinks tend to be loaded with sugar and fat. Try brewing your own coffee instead. You'll have control over what goes into it.
When trying to achieve weight loss, it is important that you do not focus too much on the number on the scale. Instead, you should attempt to achieve a healthy body. It can sound contradictory, but just focusing on the health to start with can keep your thoughts positive. By over-focusing on weight loss, it is easy to become discouraged with the number on the scale, which will cause you to slide right back to your old habits. It's very common for the average person to fall off diets because they tried to lose weight in ways that are far too restrictive. Making gradual changes will help you lose weight.
Try to cook at home as much as possible. Food from a restaurant often contains a lot of fat and salt. Also, restaurant portions are huge, which might tempt you to eat more than you really need. When you cook your own food, you can control exactly what goes into your meal, and you can control your portions.
If setting a goal for yourself doesn't seem to be working, why not try joining a program like Weight Watchers? Not only do they have organized plans to keep you on track to losing weight, but you get the support of the other members to give you encouragement to keep going.
Slow and steady weight loss is better and more sustainable than fad diets and a rapid decrease in numbers. A long-term change in attitude towards food and exercise is what is required for the pounds to come off and stay off. But remember that it can be done, and you will reach your goals with a little perseverance.

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