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From Indeed 13 days ago

DLF Park Place 2, which is an extension of DLF Park Place is an upcoming residential project in Sector 54, Gurgaon.

Projects launched by realty giant DLF are known for innovation, high quality and state-of-the-art architecture. Location of projects is also selected very carefully and same is the situation with this newly launched project. Situated right on Golf Course Road, this project is anticipated to be a great investment choice due to its proximity to important places such as Golf Course, Park Place (another residential project by DLF), National Highway No. 8 (NH-8), Sohna Road, Golf Course Extension Road and proposed metro station. Existing metro stations including HUDA Metro Station, IFFCO Chowk Metro Station and MGF Metro Station are also located just at a distance of 4-5 kilometres. Once completed DLF Park Place 2, Sector 54, Gurgaon is going to be a perfect residential destination.

Golf Course Road is one of the well-developed areas of Gurgaon, when one can get comfortable lifestyle. Working professionals doing job in nearby areas can reach their offices just in minutes and that too without wasting hours in traffic jams due to wide road in this area. Availability of important institutions at few minutes driving distance save your time and energy. Some of these include Lancers International School, Suncity World School, Paras Hospital, Alchemist Hospital, Ibis Hotel, Indian Grill Room- a fine dining restaurant and Bharti Walmart .

The developer offers ample apartments here. One can opt for large 4BHK flats covering a huge area from 3065 square feet to 4100 square feet respectively. Residents here can enjoy picture perfect views of lush greens within the complex for all the apartments are inward facing. Furthermore you can also explore beauty of mother nature by enjoying mesmerizing views of green forest in backside of the site of this project. Besides appealing views, the developer has laid equal focus on making these abodes look appealing and for this world-class interior specifications have been used. Some of these include modular kitchen with a feature of customization, modular cupboards in bedrooms, VRV air-conditioning system and spacious balconies with a separate utility balcony.

Amenities offered at this new project will be helpful for residents for they can relax and unwind themselves after a tiring day at work. Swimming pool, fitness club, gymnasium and jogging tracks are some of the options by making use of which you can not only relax but can also keep your body in shape. Ample car parking, round-the-clock security and complete power backup are some of the amenities offered to make your life comfortable. Fully equipped clubhouse and community centre are the places where you can know your neighbours better by talking to them and spending quality time with them.

Book your apartment soon and be the first one in your friend circle who possess a property in DLF Park Place 2, Gurgaon.

Writer of this article on DLF Park Place 2 is an industry expert and at present writes content for Favista Real Estate.
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