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How we marvel at a minute reproduction of anything. Greater yet is our wonder at a tiny copy of something which has life in its every swirl of a miniature leaf or a bending branch no longer than the first two joints of your index finger; a flower arrangement.

In creating a miniature flower arrangement we must remember that the fundamentals of design are not altered. Every detail is in its correct proportions; from the vase to the tiniest bud. The size should range from 4″ to 6″ (including the vase which should not be more than 2″ in height) and all the rules of balance, color, line and form which would apply to a standard size arrangement, should apply to your miniature. Width and height depend upon the form of the container and the type of plant material being used.

The search for plant material and containers with which to create your designs will give you endless hours of interest and enjoyment. You will find plant materials among the commonest weeds and country wild flowers. Antique and curio shops offer a world of vases and miniature accessories from which to choose.

The Arrangement

Prepare your container to hold the plant material, in either of the following ways. Arranging the foliage foundation properly at the base of your container will hold the flowers in place. Soft clay or puffed up tissue paper may also be used for the same purpose. Keep in mind that the area in which you are working is very small. If you overstuff it you will have a difficult time arranging the plant material.

In beginning your arrangement, ask yourself what material will give you the height, the focal point, and the foliage foundation. After selecting your material, start your design. Your plant materials and container should not detract from each other. They should complement, balance and harmonize in line, color and form. A colorful glass coaster will set off your creation if chosen carefully to blend or contrast pleasingly.

Suggestions For Plant Material

Autumn brings to the fields and woodlands, a host of dried materials in the form of plants turning to seed, drying leaves and branches and drying grasses. Here you will find an abundance of color, and texture for novel miniature arrangements.

Some other suggestions are;
For Line—Pine needles – Sweet clover – Wild grasses – Maiden hair fern – Foliage leaves – Dainty branches –
For Form—Sweetheart roses – Geranium buds – Ageratum (pink and blue) – Petunias (small growth & variety) – Violets
Dwarf marigolds &zinnias – Begonias – Tiny daisies
Bachelor buttons – The flowers of spirea – Feverfew
Some Suggestions For Novel Containers
Toy dishes – Interesting lipstick tubes – Perfume bottles – Small cosmetic jars – ash trays.

Where to Place Your Finished Miniature Arrangements

The proper setting if possible, should be at eye level. The mantel and shelves make excellent displaying nooks. Shadow boxes thoughtfully placed on the wall, complete with miniature accessories, will offer the opportunity to change arrangements to taste. Indirect lighting will accent the setting. Three dimensional proportion is most important to the successful creation of your miniature flower arrangements.

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Drinking water is essential to losing weight and becoming healthy, but it's hard to drink enough each day. Carry a water bottle, either disposable or refillable, with you every where you go and you can take a sip of water whenever you feel thirsty or feel the first pangs of hunger.
You can consume less calories, and lose more weight, if you take the time to cut up your food. Portion control is difficult for most people, so take a food that contains a large amount of calories (like chocolate) and cut it into smaller portions. You can still eat what you like, but by only consuming a small amount of the food, you will not gain as much weight.
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Work out for weight loss by not working out. A lot of people freeze and give up when they realize that for true sustained weight loss you need to start exercising. Trick your brain into going along with your exercise by not calling it that. Stay away from the gym and get your "work out" in by washing your car, riding a bike, going on a hike, or any of a million other activities that are exercise without being "exercise".
Stay away from foods that you have trouble stopping at one serving. If you cannot stop eating chips then you should not buy a bag and try to eat one serving. Most likely you will give into temptation. Buy something else that is crunchy but is lower in fat and calories.
Dining out presents a challenge for people trying to lose weight. Even with more healthy options available, restaurant portion sizes are still far too large. One incredibly simple way to control what you're eating is to order your dinner, and ask the server to box half of it up when they bring it to the table. You'll be eating half as much food right off the bat, and can bring home the rest for another meal.
Red pepper flakes are wonderful to use when trying to lose weight. If you eat them early on in the day, it will actually help you to lower the amount of food you eat. You can put some on eggs for breakfast, or use them anyway you would like to.
If you are a potato chip lover like so many of us are, these can really hurt your diet. Try baking some apples instead. The baked apples will give you that crunch that a potato chip will, but offer you the nutrition of eating an apple. Finding healthy alternatives to your favorite foods will boost your weight loss.
There is some very useful advice there, and some of it may even be new to you. What's important however, is to give it time. None of these tips will give you quick results, nor should you want them to. Putting the weight on took a long time, and losing it over a long period is a safer, and more realistic way to go about it. When you don't see results it can be difficult to keep going on the weight loss journey, but if you have committed yourself to accomplishing your weight loss goal, you are unstoppable.

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