Insurance Sales Agent/ Staff Producer

Insurance Sales Agent/ Staff Producer

Insurance Sales Agent/ Staff Producer

A Successful FARMERS INSURANCE Agent is seeking a qualified professional to join their winning team for the role of Insurance Sales Producer….

Mark Holihan – Farmers Insurance
Park Ridge, IL

From Mark Holihan – Farmers Insurance 9 hours ago

Zhangqiu City, Town, embroidered peasant Zhaoqing Lan Hui spend 799 yuan to buy a semi-automatic one Aucma
Washing machine
. Shortly, the Government “
Home Appliances
Countryside “subsidy 103.87 yuan hit her” agriculture subsidies a telecommunications. “She said happily:” save money to buy ten pounds of pork, which is equivalent to New Year’s government to get our house was. “

The same benefit as Zhaoqing Lan “appliances to the countryside” subsidies farmers, now in Shandong has nearly 90 million, more than 100 million home appliances into the Shandong farmers. Statistics also show that, in recent years, although the decline in home appliance prices in recent years, farmers for the cost of household appliances has increased year by year. “Appliances to the countryside,” found the right direction, effectively enhanced the ability of rural consumption.

“Appliances to the countryside,” The great significance and far-reaching effects, not only for household appliances in rural areas spread quickly improve the material and spiritual civilization, and not only because of consumption of household appliances in rural areas, as the property market, automobile market of the city and involves wide, pulling a large role, but also because the “home appliances to the countryside” on the current financial crisis, further stimulating rural consumption much inspiration.

Further start rural consumption, fiscal policy should be multi-pronged approach. Still “home appliances to the countryside” as an example, the state should step in gradually expanding the scope of the countryside home appliances, such as
Solar water heaters
And other energy-saving environmental protection, “Pan-home appliances,” as long as the farmer needs a strong, should also actively promote its “countryside.” Meanwhile, construction of rural infrastructure should be strengthened, particularly consumer environment, such as improving water conditions so that farmers can not afford to buy more and more the lingua franca of functional effects of a good automatic washing machine.

Further activation of the rural consumer, financial institutions should help greatly. Finance is active in the blood of the economy. Investigation by the reporter learned that many farmers hope to be like the town, as flexibility to purchase household appliances with low-interest installments. In fact, farmers home loan business has been operating successfully in Shouguang, Shandong, departments can lead qualified banks to try to develop home appliances, transport vehicles and other staple products “countryside” hire business, to accelerate the upgrading of rural consumption.

Further start rural consumption, should also pay attention to “good” putting the word to promote growth. Such as “home appliances to the countryside” and to encourage appropriate appliance “TM” cycle of economic policy closely, and give priority to the purchase of subsidized low-income families. Meanwhile, the inclusion of “countryside list” of household appliances, automobile manufacturers in the sales and even more service sectors should absorb the local labor force to increase the wage income farmers, peasants consumer feedback enthusiasm for rural consumption to promote better and faster economic development.

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