The Legend of the Sunflowers: A Medieval Love Story

The Legend of the Sunflowers: A Medieval Love Story

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Book Description: “The Legend of the Sunflowers: A Medieval Love Story” is a simple, swift-paced, smooth-flowing picture storybook that combines the craft of storytelling with engaging, impressionist illustrations. “The Legend of the Sunflowers” is an heartwarming medieval tale that will be appreciated by young adults as well as new adults and older adult audiences. Beautifully-illustrated and thoughtfully-written, this book has 35 pages of striking, specifically-sequenced pictures with an accompanying story narrative that emphasizes virtuous themes of hope, joy, and contentment. Learning Benefits: “The Legend of the Sunflowers” Picture Storybook can be used as an effective teaching tool by parents and teachers in helping young adults during their formative teen years to develop a healthy view of other people’s wealth/social status, physical qualities/bodily appearance, and various family heritages. In addition, the characters in this heartwarming story have clearly defined traits with the protagonist having a singular, healthy, positive motivation in life. The tale of “The Legend of the Sunflowers” will make you care for the leading character of the story… Lady Juliana, a young, poor peasant maiden searching for true love. As you read this enchanting tale, you will empathize with Juliana, feel her pain, and experience her loss as well as her success and happiness in life. This endearing, medieval love story illustrates how Juliana finds true love through her journey of hope, joy, and contentment in life. “The Legend of the Sunflowers” promises to leave a positive, lasting impression upon every reader. About the Author -- Adrian D. Robbe: After graduating from the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, Adrian received his commission and served as a career research, development, and acquisition officer in the United States Air Force. Adrian has a Master of Arts in Communication degree with a major in Cinema-Television (Critical Studies) from Regent University of Virginia Beach, Virginia. His passion is the art of cinema, and he is the author of several self-published non-fiction books on Hollywood filmmaking, motion picture award trends, as well as techniques of famous movie directors. In addition, he is the author of The Wolves of Trisidian Trilogy epic medieval fantasy fiction novel series and several picture storybooks for Young Adult/New Adult readers. Books by the Author: The Wolves of Trisidian Book Series - The Wolves of Trisidian: Part One of the Trilogy - The Curse of Ulrik: Part Two of the Trilogy - Ashes of Defeat: Part Three of the Trilogy - Unshackled Destiny: Prequel to the Trilogy - The Wolves of Trisidian: Reader’s Companion Guide: An Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Revolutionary Epic Medieval Fantasy Non-Fiction Books - 21 Tips for Writers: How to Integrate Filmmaking Concepts into Your Novel - Techniques of the Film Masters - Metamorphosis of Hollywood Filmmaking - And the Oscar® Goes to--How does a filmmaker become an Academy Award® winner? - Exploring the Nativity Picture Storybooks - The Legend of the Sunflowers: A Medieval Love Story - The Legend of the Five Huntsmen: A Medieval Tale of the Restless Heart - The Sport of Kings: An Equestrian Victor’s Tale of the Medieval Joust - The Paladin’s Heart: A Medieval Ballad of Knightly Origin - The Song of Our Land: A Medieval Tale of the Summer Solstice - Beyond Seven Rivers: A Medieval Tale on Binding the Wounds of a Broken Heart

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